Top S. Korea director Kim Ki-duk accused of rape

Jung Hawon
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    I hope that TIMES UP would spend their time/effort educating the public to step up immediately when they feel they are being harassed, not years later. Also most important people must put their self respect ahead of financial gain. Most of these women made a poor choice in the name of career.
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    Wouldn't be surprised at that.
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    Farquar Nell
    Pictures?---------------Without pictures it didn't happen.
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    Not surprising...
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    Sorry, but in the entertainment world...the word is "entertain". It can be consensual and at times it can be demanded or forced upon. These days, those ugly stories are emerging to daylight. May justice prevail.
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    There are people who are crying out loud!!! It's time to listen to them....
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    Terrible ! South Korean entertainment industry is a sham. Why do people look up to South Korea? I can't comprehend. But it is expected. All movies industries copy USA style. USA's movies often have short sex scenes that are censored in some countries, so we sometimes don't see it. The South Koreans are copycats of USA, and so their movie industries have similar bad elements as in USA.
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    Underneath the glamour film entertainment there are too many "dirt" not exposed yet. Some chose to be dirty.
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    what do you expect when you want to be an actress in these movies - they are not after your intelligence duh