Torus Goes Blockchain-Agnostic With New DirectAuth Dapp Login Tool

Seamless login for the decentralized apps (dapps) of any blockchain. That’s the vision for Torus Labs’ new identity solution, DirectAuth.

The Singapore-based firm released a software development kit (SDK) Thursday for blockchain-agnostic dapp logins. Torus launched its blockchain network and one-click login protocol in February counting eight initial members for its key management system – including Binance, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Skale.

The key innovation with DirectAuth compared to the previous Torus offering is blockchain neutrality, Torus Labs CEO and co-founder Zhen Yu Yong said in a phone interview with CoinDesk.

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“We’ve abstracted all of the core security features out of the Torus wallet and put it into an SDK so that any application can plug it into the application and interact with trust whilst maintaining their own permissioned structure,” said Yong.

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Torus’ newest product makes dapp logins as easy as accessing your Gmail – a tangible bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. DirectAuth commits a blockchain transaction on the user’s behalf while maintaining a similar experience to traditional logins, eliminating the need for digging up the private keys or mnemonic passwords common in today’s Web 3.0 products.

Yong said DirectAuth has already integrated with multiple networks including digital card game SkyWeaver, universal basic income project GoodDollar and social platform Sapien.

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Arweave CEO Sam Williams told CoinDesk that “simplifying login and key management” for Web 3.0 products was “critical” for mainstream adoption. His storage protocol was one of the first to integrate DirectAuth before the product launched publicly.

Yong also said the product’s user interface (UI) was overhauled to put native developers in the driver’s seat. Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital, which led the project’s 2019 $2 million seed round, said the UI’s flexibility is the “most powerful aspect” of DirectAuth as it gives “developers control over the user experience in ways they’ve never had before.”

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