Trainee pilot lands plane after wheels fall off

By Yahoo! blogger Rebecca Lewis

A video has emerged of a trainee pilot pulling off a miraculous manoeuvre by safely landing a plane that had lost a wheel mid-air.

The novice pilot was the only person on board the Piper Warrior plane when one of its wheels dropped off.

The 21-year-old Chinese student somehow managed to touch down safely at Mangalore airport, two hours north of Melbourne Australia.

The young pilot, who has only clocked 120 hours of flight experience according to local media, was in constant radio contact with his flight instructor as he diced with death.

He narrowly averted disaster  - but it was certainly a hair-raising landing.

Once the plane stopped skidding along the runway emergency services rushed to the scene to make sure he was OK. The pilot was assessed by paramedics but he did not require treatment.

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