Traveler has to physically stop fellow passenger from opening his window mid-flight: 'The audacity of people'

There are some unspoken airplane etiquette rules, among the most debated is over who actually “owns” the airplane window that’s situated between two seats.

The debate was sparked once again on Jan. 11, when TikTok user Eric Goldie @ericgoldie shared a short clip of an awkward interaction with a fellow passenger. It actually came in response to another TikToker’s comment, who first discussed a similar scenario they had experienced.

“I put my shade down on a 6 am flight this year and the woman behind me kept reaching through the seat to pull it up,” the original TikToker shared. “I almost got arrested.”

Apparently, Goldie knows all too well just how utterly annoying this can be.

“Literally on my flight this morning,” he wrote in his post caption, before sharing a video of the person behind him slowly reaching forward to open his window shade.

But just seconds into the stranger’s attempt, another hand reaches in (presumably belonging to Goldie) and quickly thwarts his efforts. With a quick tap of his hand, Goldie shuts the whole thing down, forcing the stranger to retreat and the window shade to remain closed.

The moment is brief, and as far as we know, no words were exchanged about what took place. But even so, the message from Goldie was clear: Keep your hands off my window shade.

Many TikTokers were equally annoyed with the stranger’s actions and angrily weighed in amid the comments.

“Can’t they open their own window???” one person asked.

“The way I watched this multiple times and got triggered every time,” wrote someone else.

“The audacity of people!” another person chimed in.

To be fair, some TikTokers pointed out the gray area around “shared” airplane windows.

“I get so confused when the window is 50/50 between seats,” admitted one person. “Who owns it?”

But others said it’s really not that complicated when you think about it.

“If you have to reach into the person’s personal space behind or in front of you, it’s not your window,” one person declared.

Several people even offered some alternative ideas for shutting down similar behavior in the future.

“Be awkward and stroke their hand,” one person suggested.

“I’m not proud of this moment, but this has happened to me before,” said someone else. “I had to sneeze and I let it rip all over her hand. It worked.”

But one other person’s suggestion seemed to be the least aggressive (and most successful) method: “I carry a small blanket and shove it into that space so people can’t do that to me anymore,” they said.

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