Tray-D is a Force in The Sneaker Reselling and YouTube World

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Tray-D of Straptown Entertainment known for his local rise to indie hip hop notoriety in the early 2010's reinvented his passion for sneakers into a new career of reselling and building out his online community on YouTube. Cowen & Co. estimates that the sneaker resale industry is worth $2 billion in North America and could reach $30 billion globally by 2030.

The Atlanta Georgia based creative turned self made sneaker boss has slowly climbed the ranks of the many entrepreneurs trying to carve out a niche through securing rare shoes and delivering weekly insight and of course displaying the hottest sneakers online. With sneaker online marketplace StockX recently being valued at $3.8 billion many turn their attention to the hype behind the sneaker culture of now. "Hype comes and goes but that feeling of putting on a brand new pair of shoes and what it does for your confidence is priceless" Tray-D boasts. "Wearable art is the only way I can describe it, people are willing to pay just about anything to secure some of things very limited sought after sneakers". With the rise of sneaker botting, or software assisting people to purchase multiple sneakers online, finding a good sneaker supplier these days keep many people online like Tray-D very busy.

"I started with doing unboxing videos during the 2020 pandemic showing my subscribers and followers my latest pick ups from Nike or Jordan then I turned my YouTube channel to a resource for everyone who loves sneakers, to sell or wear. Pick up videos really grew my popularity where I show how I secure my inventory as well as giving free insight to beginners and novice alike"

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