Trump-Kim summit in Singapore draws mixed reactions from man on the street

Video by Dhany Osman; Text and reporting by Wan Ting Koh With all eyes on Singapore ahead of next Tuesday's (12 June) historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Yahoo News Singapore went out to gather some reactions from the man on the street. On Singapore as summit host: "It seems to me an inevitable consequence that Singapore is going to host it because if you look at countries that could possibly host this event… we are known internationally to be pretty neutral and we are one of the few countries that have a North Korean embassy and we are pretty close (by flight from North Korea)." – Douglas Quah, 24, undergraduate "It’s pretty good…we have very very good security….we are just kind of like a middle ground which is pretty good. I think it’s something that all Singaporeans should look forward to and see what it brings." – Jasline Fai, 29, digital marketing manager "I believe Singapore is not known to the whole world. It is good in the sense that it is more or less publicity (for the country) but the bad thing is that anything can happen if our security is not fit and tight. Unexpected things might happen." – Chua Lian Huat, 63, freelancer "It speaks about the neutrality of the territory and we don’t meddle with other people’s business. It’s not too far for North Korea." – Zach Wong, 38, advertising executive On Trump and Kim: "I think it’s quite terrible because we know Trump and quite a lot of people don’t really like Trump as well… Some people will think other terrorists will come over and we need to protect our country." – Tracy Loke, 35, accountant "US is planning to have a good relationship with Singapore… I think Trump is playing strategically." – Deepshirkha, 27, Singapore Exchange associate “We all know Trump and see what he has been doing. Same as North Korea (Kim). It’s just kind of exciting to see what these two are going to come up with, whether or not there is going to be a peace treaty or not, we’ll see.” – Jasline Fai, 29, digital marketing manager Related stories: Trump-Kim Summit: Americans in Singapore sceptical on prospects for peace Trump-Kim summit: South Koreans in Singapore excited and hopeful of positive outcome ‘I like a challenge’, says Singaporean co-founder of North Korea’s first fast food joint