Trump news: President refuses to say whether he agrees with QAnon and says he is open to coronavirus bill with USPS funding in press conference

Gino Spocchia, Justin Vallejo
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US president Donald Trump continued attacks on Joe Biden's vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris: EPA
US president Donald Trump continued attacks on Joe Biden's vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris: EPA

Donald Trump fanned the flames of "QAnon" by ignoring questions over the conspiracy theory during his daily press conference, which proponents took as another wink to its existence.

At the same briefing, he said he was open to including USPS funding in the Covid-19 bill if the Democrats gave him what he wants while the US Postal Service warned it could not guarantee absentee ballots would arrive in time to be counted in 46 states.

The US president spoke to his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, about the need for UN action on Iran as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Security Council rejected the US's bid to extend an arms embargo.

Ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, meanwhile, is to plead guilty to falsifying a CIA email in the Trump-Russia investigation, which Trump said was "just the beginning", in reference to the Justice Department's investigation by US Attorney John Durham.

Earlier, US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned Trump over claims that Kamala Harris was unable to serve as vice president because her parents were not born in the United States.

Those comments were described by Ocasio-Cortez as tools "protecting a white supremacist vision" that pushed "the supremacist idea that people of colour are inherently less legitimate".

It came as Trump shared Twitter posts suggesting he be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his administration's role in brokering an agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to normalize diplomatic relations.

The president travelled to New York to visit his brother, Robert Trump, in hospital after the 72-year-old fell ill, before he received a warm welcome from NYPD cops at his New Jersey golf course.

The police union gave Trump a formal endorsement after the president spent the day touting his chances at flipping the state from blue to red thanks to the poor performances of governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.