Trump news: President insists Covid 'will go away' in front of sign boasting he is 'the healthcare president' as US coronavirus death toll rises

Danielle Zoellner, Gino Spocchia, Justin Vallejo
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US president Donald Trump criticised over comments on Beirut incident: Getty Images
US president Donald Trump criticised over comments on Beirut incident: Getty Images

Donald Trump will 'probably' accept the Republican nomination for its presidential candidate at the White House instead of in North Carolina. This solution was pitched even though federal and government employees can not participate in events relating to a political campaign, which could cause ethical problems within the White House.

This comes as a historian, who has correctly predicted the presidential election results since 1984, has said presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden will win against Mr Trump. Historian Allan Lichtman predicted correctly Ronald Reagan would win in 1984 all the way through Mr Trump's win in 2016.

Mr Trump also went on the attack against Barack Obama on Wednesday morning, saying his predecessor's eulogy for John Lewis was "terrible" and evidenced an "anger that people don't see".

After claiming that children are "almost immune" from coronavirus symptoms, Facebook removed a video with the claim even as the president repeated himself at a coronavirus press conference. He also said the virus would simply "go away" as he stood before a "Covid-19 action" list saying what The Healthcare President "has done for you".

The comments came after new research found at least one person in the United States has died every 80 seconds on average over the last seven days, while more than 158,000 total deaths have been recorded nationwide.

One US citizen died in a massive explosion in Beirut, which has been reported as an accident. Mr Trump, however, said that he had heard it could have either been an accident or a deliberate act.

And despite reports that suggested people associated with the Trump campaign were involved with Kanye West getting on the ballot in key swing states, the president said he was not involved but that he gets along "very well" with and likes the rapper.