Twitter index: Rangers' liquidation, Penny Wong, 'SimCity' returns

Will Wright, creator of computer game hits such as 'Sim City' and 'The Sims'

Twitter users are expressing disbelief as Dave King, director of Scottish football club Rangers, claims that "liquidation is inevitable."


In a statement released on March 7, Dave King outlined the problems facing the troubled football club, claiming that financial liquidation is unavoidable and stating "we must all strive to ensure that an appropriate ownership structure guarantees that this event is never repeated."

Microbloggers were also excited about the appearance of Australian senator and federal cabinet member Penny Wong on television network ABC's regular show Kitchen Cabinet, which engages Australia's politicians in debate over a meal in their own home.

Ermenistan Eurovision -- which uses the Turkish word for Armenia -- is also a popular topic among Twitter users after singers from the country announced they would be boycotting the annual singing contest due to its being hosted by Armenia's bitter rival Azerbaijan.

The news that Electronic Arts will be launching another edition of the classic city-building simulation game SimCity in 2013 has also sparked online buzz. The first trailer for the hotly anticipated game is available to watch on YouTube at:

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 7 at 11:00 AM GMT are:

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04. Dave King
05. National Award
06. Ermenistan Eurovision
07. Sim City
08. Penny Wong
09. Happy Holi
10. Beach House