Twitterers clarify rumors of Jackie Chan's death

Action hero Jackie Chan

Twitter has been buzzing with micro-reports of Jackie Chan's heart attack and subsequent passing, but the martial arts star is not dead. It's just another Twitter hoax that has crept into the trending topics.

Hundreds of Twitter users are now retweeting, "Jackie Chan did not die. RIP means: Really Inspiring #Person," to clear up any confusion surrounding the fifth place trend.

Amazon is promoting its new Cloud Player music streaming service with first place term "Cloud Player," while the rest of Twitter is using the term to tweet about their experience with the music locker and news headlines about the service.

Today's top three Twitter hashtags are "#uknoyoughettowhen," "#r1bw" and "#idontunderstandwhy."

Indian model "Poonam Pandey" has said she will "go nude" if the Indian cricket team wins the World Cup.

"With both Veena Malik & Poonam Pandey at the India-Pakistan match, there are going to be lots of legs before wickets," joke microbloggers.

"❒Single ❒Taken" moves down on place to number seven, the name of American actress "Stacy Dash" is in eighth place, and "Justine Thornton," the partner of UK labor leader Ed Miliband, is in tenth place.

Microbloggers are using their 140 characters to urge people with any information about missing BBC Bristol presenter "Peter Rowell" to call police.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 30 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. Cloud Player (promoted)
  2. #uknoyoughettowhen (new)
  3. #r1bw (new)
  4. #idontunderstandwhy (-1)
  5. RIP Jackie Chan (new)
  6. Poonam Pandey (new)
  7. ❒Single ❒Taken (-1)
  8. Stacy Dash (new)
  9. Peter Rowell (new)
  10. Justine Thornton (new)