'Uh, did anyone hear…that?' Nasa prompts excitement and fear with cryptic tweet

Andrew Griffin
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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Nasa has sparked excitement and fear with a cryptic tweet posted on its account.

“PSST… Uh, did anyone hear…that?” it wrote, prompting a flurry of speculation and worry among its tens of millions of followers.

The unusual post led to speculation among followers that the space agency was announcing significant news – and remarks that, in 2020, that was likely to mean something negative.

But it also led to a flurry of other posts from related and official Nasa accounts.

“Hmmm… From here at home we’ve just been hearing a lot of creaks and distant crackling," wrote the Nasa Earth account.

“Did It sound intergalactic, planetary? If it’s loud and pulsating, we blame Jupiter...” Nasa’s Solar System account posted.

“It sounded like something kind of eerie and otherworldly… unlike anything I’ve ever heard…” wrote the account for the Mars Insight lander.

“According to my data and calculations, I am in fact also hearing sounds,” a post from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory read.