Underwear thief found with 157 brassieres and panties in his flat during police raid

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SINGAPORE — He was a serial undergarment thief who was caught with 120 brassieres and 37 pairs of panties in his flat during a raid.

On Friday (19 July), Ahkubal Hussian, a 61-year-old Singaporean, was sentenced in the State Courts to three months’ jail after he admitted to one count of theft and one count of fraudulent possession of property.

His offences were investigated after CCTV footage caught him in the act at a woman’s flat along Balam Road, in the same vicinity of his flat.

On 14 May, the 45-year-old woman hung her laundry to dry along the common corridor in the evening. The next morning, she discovered that her undergarments - three pairs of panties and a brassiere - were missing.

The four pieces of lingerie were worth $100. The woman then lodged a police report.

Investigations revealed that Ahkubal was loitering in the housing estate at Balam Road in the wee hours on 15 May. When he saw the woman’s undergarments, he decided to steal the undergarments.

After he was identified the next day through the CCTV footage, a raid was conducted at his flat, where the 157 brassieres and panties were found.

Only one pair of the woman’s panties were recovered from him.

For theft, Ahkubal could have been jailed up to three years, or with fine, or with both.

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