Cyclist’s terrifying accident near Singapore Expo caught on video

YouTube screengrab video of cyclist in horrifying accident. (YouTube screengrab).

A video showing a cyclist who was flung off his bicycle after being hit by a taxi near Singapore Expo has gone viral since it was posted on Tuesday.
The video, which has now garnered over 30,000 views, was posted by “sgtho” on YouTube soon after the incident happened. It was captured by a in-car video recorder belonging to a taxi driver, the poster's uncle.
The Straits Times later reported that the police were called at 10pm and the incident had happened at the traffic junction of Upper Changi Road East and Somapah Road.
The cyclist, who was seen in the video dashing across the road before getting hit by a taxi, was reportedly identified as 52-year-old Wong Chee Hong.
Reports say that the man had been conveyed conscious to Changi General Hospital and is now in a critical condition.
Yahoo Singapore
understands that the man had undergone emergency surgery.
Further media reports said that Wong had suffered from bleeding in his brain as well as a fractured thigh bone.
According to Stomp, an eyewitness said that the green light allowing pedestrians to walk was flashing when the cyclist was crossing the road before colliding with the taxi that was turning right.