Vincent Muller: Success Means Nothing if It Doesn’t Bring You Happiness and Inner Peace

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Many people are under the impression that success and happiness walk hand in hand, but that is rarely the case. While others are content with their success, not everyone is happy. Vincent Müller is an entrepreneur who has built two companies from scratch, and despite the incredible revenue he has generated, he still cites his happiness comes from contributing to the masses.

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Vincent Müller is the co-founder of two companies, HYGH and Medical One. Since the global pandemic shook the world, the economy has suffered across many cities. Müller has been using his position in HYGH to help businesses stay afloat. Additionally, he has been building a chain of multiple test centers across Germany and selling the necessary PPE equipment at a fair price to support the country.

The charitable entrepreneur’s generous actions result from his upbringing, helping his mother manage a big company in Berlin, assisting in her law firm, and handling the real estate company she inherited from his grandparents, who had just passed away. Müller filled in by studying real estate, meeting Fritz Frey and Antonius Link. The duo later introduced him to the world of cryptocurrency. Despite the lack of visibility at the time, Müller made an important investment that skyrocketed three months later, giving him the capital to start his own business. His gain drew the attention of friends who frequently visited him to learn more about investing in crypto. Müller, Fritz, and Antonius started toying with the idea of opening their own crypto consulting firm. They visited the most prominent outdoor advertising players in Germany but found that they lacked the budget to launch a small campaign. Abandoning their initial plan, they decided to create a platform to help businesses launch advertisements, giving birth to HYGH.

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A year into their launch, HYGH exceeded Müller’s expectations, generating monthly revenue of nearly $500,000. However, business would slow down once the pandemic struck. The government found it difficult to secure the necessary equipment to aid people. Rather than wait for a solution to magically appear, Vincent Müller decided to use the network he acquired over the years to get his hands on reliable supplies. Partnering with Christian Schroeder, the duo created Medical One Group, intending to support hospital chains and governments. It was established to obtain necessary and dependable equipment sold at fair prices. Medical One has also been helping the country by building test centers to combat the pandemic. In one year since its inception, the company has delivered 35 million masks to the German government.

Despite his hectic schedule and numerous ventures, Vincent Müller is always looking for interesting projects to invest in. As the world continues to adapt to the pandemic, Müller has shifted his goal to providing aid wherever he can. “My goal with the pandemic is to support where I can in supplying high-quality medical goods at fair prices,” he shared. “With HYGH, I want to offer cheap advertising with good outcomes for the businesses that are currently struggling.” Müller has also cited his unhappiness with the current political situations. With the world evolving, he is doing everything in his power to offer his support and help.

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