This Viral Magnetic Stove Shelf is TikTok’s Answer for Small Kitchens

magnetic shelf on top of oven
Why This Stove Shelf for Small Kitchens Went ViralBest Products; Courtesy StoveShelf

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TikTok is infamous for its space-saving storage solutions. Exhibit A: this magnetic over-the-stove shelf that went viral. Believe it or not, the search term "stove shelf" has over 926 million views on the platform, making this humble magnetic spice rack one of the most popular small-space hacks for 2023.

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30" Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove


Designed to accommodate both flat and slightly curved stove backs, the magnetic spice rack works on most ranges. The simple stainless steel shelf attaches quickly and easily to the back of your stove, offering somewhere to stash spices, condiments, oils, kitchen timers, and small decor.

Installation is a breeze. Just place the shelf on top of your stove and it's ready for use. No drills, adhesives, or appliance-damaging installation is required. The silicone-encased magnets that secure the shelf to the stove can be repositioned for a custom fit, minimizing wobbles and providing added peace of mind.

On top of boosting storage space, the TikTok stove shelf also enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. One Amazon reviewer raved, “I love the way this product makes my oven area look. The storage capacity is great and I’m able to store multiple bottles of oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper along the top.”

Whether you’re organizing spice jars and flavored olive oils or displaying decorative containers and a pint-size home decor sign, you’ll be maximizing every inch of your small space. Plus, your go-to ingredients will be within arm’s reach the next time you need them for a recipe on the stovetop. When the inevitable spills and splatters occur, the rust-resistant metal shelf can easily be removed, hand-washed in the sink, and snapped right back into place.

The viral StoveShelf is available on Amazon for $40. It's offered in three lengths and color options to complement appliances of all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Once you get used to this space-saving shelf being on the back of your stove, you won't want to cook in a kitchen without one.

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