How to Watch ‘Hit Man’: Is Glen Powell’s New Movie Streaming?

Following the massive success of “Anyone But You,” Glen Powell is back with a new rom-com — only this time, he’s a hit man.

In addition to starring in “Hit Man,” Powell also co-wrote the film alongside director Richard Linklater. The story is, in fact, based in reality — at least, mostly — and centers on Gary Johnson. Gary is a psychology professor who also helps out local police with catching wannabe murderers. But more on that below.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to see “Hit Man.”

What is the “Hit Man” release date?

“Hit Man” hit select theaters nationwide on Friday, May 24, 2024, after doing the film festival circuit last year.

Is “Hit Man” streaming?

It will be, and very soon! For now, you can only see “Hit Man” in select theaters. But it will be available to stream on Netflix beginning on June 7, 2024.

What is “Hit Man” about?

As we mentioned above, “Hit Man” tells the (mostly) true story of Gary Johnson (played by Powell). He’s a psychology professor but he works part-time with the police department to catch would-be murderers. How? Well, he poses as a hit man — something that he makes viewers aware isn’t a real thing — and, when they try to hire him, the cops swoop in.

But, when Gary falls in love with a woman who tries to hire him, the lines between who he really is and who he pretends to be start to blur. We won’t spoil you on that one though.

Who stars in “Hit Man”?

In addition to Glen Powell — many, many versions of him, in fact — “Hit Man” stars “Parks and Rec” and “Good Girls” alum Retta, Adria Arjona and more.

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