Watch: View from Diyarbakir after 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey

At least 1,200 people have died after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and Syria on Monday, 6 February.

This video shows the scene in Diyarbakir as crews frantically search for survivors trapped under the rubble.

At least 15 buildings were reported to have collapsed in Diyarbakir as the earthquake shook the region.

The first earthquake's epicentre was just north of Gaziantep - around 90 kilometres from the Syrian border.

A second 7.5 magnitude earthquake has since been recorded near Ekinozu, adding to existing devestation.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted that “search and rescue teams were immediately dispatched” to the impacted areas.

"We hope that we will get through this disaster together as soon as possible and with the least damage," he added.

The death toll has been increasing throughout Monday morning, with fears it will continue to rise as searches continue.

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