Watch: TikToker teaches how to count in Vietnamese with epic rap


A TikTok channel has gone viral for teaching viewers how to count from one to 100 in Vietnamese using a catchy rap tune.

Key points:

  • Levion, which goes by @levion.learnvietnamese on TikTok, is an online Vietnamese language and culture learning platform.

  • The rap video, which was posted on April 16, has since received over 8.6 million views.

The details:

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  • The video features a teacher counting from one to 10 in Vietnamese while rapping along a hip-hop instrumental.

  • It starts off with single numbers before progressing to combinations.

  • After the "warm-up," the teacher goes on to rap to 100, keeping her rhythm to the beat.

  • In a follow-up, Levion posted a video teaching the Vietnamese alphabet in a similar fashion. It has also gone viral with over 1.6 million views.

  • The channel previously initiated a 30-day rap challenge, inviting learners to post rap videos in Vietnamese.


  • TikTok users praised the teacher's rapping skills and how catchy the result turned out. “My bf: ‘What are you listening to? It’s catchy’ Me: ‘how to count in Vietnamese,’” one wrote.

  • Another user commented, “[I] didn’t learn anything after No. 9. I was to(sic) busy dancing.”

  • “Will I ever use this?? Probably not. Did I save the video?? Yes,” another user noted.


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