Woman who let 3 secondary school students smoke drug in her room jailed

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SINGAPORE — A 28-year-old woman who provided methamphetamine to three secondary school students was jailed for seven years and nine months on Wednesday (30 September).

Noor Fadhilah Azlan, who had shared her bedroom – where she consumed drugs – with her two children, was also fined $10,300 for her dealings in contraband cigarettes.

She had pleaded guilty to three charges under the Misuse of Drugs Act and three charges under the Customs Act. Another eight charges of similar nature were taken into consideration for sentencing.

The drug offences Noor Fadhilah pleaded guilty to involve selling methamphetamine to a man, permitting her bedroom to be used by the three teens to consume drugs and permitting a young person to smoke methamphetamine.

On 25 September last year, at about 12.35pm, Central Narcotics Bureau officers conducted an operation at a flat in which Noor Fadhilah rented a room.

Drug paraphernalia were seized and Noor Fadhilah was arrested along with seven others. These seven included the three secondary school teens and two 37-year-old men.

These two men had gone to Noor Fadhilah’s residence to purchase methamphetamine earlier that day. One of them had paid her $300 for drugs and utensils. Noor Fadhilah admitted to trafficking methamphetamine, also known as “ice”, to one of the men and stated that she was introduced to drug trafficking by her contraband cigarette supplier as a means of earning fast cash.

She would obtain her supply of pre-packed “ice” through dead drops around her estate and would be instructed to sell the “ice” to the customers according to the prices fixed by the supplier. She estimated that she would earn around $500 a week through drug trafficking.

Two of the three teenagers – a girl and a boy aged 13 and 14 respectively – who were arrested at Noor Fadhilah’s residence were known to her through her sale of contraband cigarettes. The other teenager was the 13-year-old girl’s sister, who was 14 years old. The trio would often hang out at Noor Fadhilah’s bedroom. The male teen had bought methamphetamine from Noor Fadhilah previously.

At the time of their arrest, the three had been staying over at Noor Fadhilah’s room for several days. At around midnight on 24 September, Noor Fadhilah was smoking methamphetamine in her bedroom in the presence of the three teens when she decided to offer them the drug.

The teenagers agreed to smoke the drug and Noor Fadhilah let them do so in her room. She shared her utensils with the trio, with each person taking turns to take a puff. The session lasted for some 10 minutes and the three did not pay Noor Fadhilah for the drug.

Peddling duty-unpaid cigarettes

Apart from drug offences, Noor Fadhilah also admitted to offences involving duty-unpaid cigarettes.

On 17 September 2019, Customs officers conducted an operation to apprehend offenders involved in the sale of contraband cigarettes in the vicinity of Block 417, Bukit Batok West Avenue 4.

The officers saw two 14-year-old boys approaching a unit and Noor Fadhilah was seen handing over cigarette packets to the two teens at the common corridor of a HDB block. The officers approached the two boys and found two packets of the cigarettes on them.

Later that night, the officers declared themselves to Noor Fadhilah and entered her unit to check for duty-unpaid cigarettes. The officers found a total of 93 packets containing various amounts of duty-unpaid cigarettes within the unit. Noor Fadhilah admitted to owning the cigarettes and was arrested.

She had bought the cigarettes for $38 from an unknown Indonesian peddler at Yew Tee and would resell each packet for $6, earning a profit of about $2.60 each per pack.

She had been buying 10 cartons of cigarettes a day for a period of two to three weeks to resell for a profit, and had been selling some eight to nine cartons a day.

On the day she was arrested for drug offences, Noor Fadhilah was again found with more than 55 cartons of duty-unpaid cigarettes. She had bought the cigarettes from unknown Indonesian peddlers around a bus stop after a Yew Tee flyover at $45 per carton. She would resell the cigarettes to her friends at $7 a packet.

In sentencing Noor Fadhilah, District Judge Kan Shuk Weng noted that a deterrent sentence ought to be given in cases of such a nature.

She said the devastating effect of drugs could not be overstated and the three teens were “young and impressionable”. Noor Fadhilah had permitted the consumption of methamphetamine and even prepared it for the young individuals to inhale.

Even if Noor Fadhilah had no special relationship with the teens, being older and hence the de-facto guardian, she should guide them on the right path of not consuming drugs, the judge said.

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