World's weirdest hotel rooms

The John Morse Room at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast/Museum
Fall River, Massachusetts

“I’m convinced this place is haunted after working here for eight years,” says General Manager Lee-Ann Wilber. “Things happen in the John Morse room in particular, and we’ve definitely had guests leave in the middle of the night.” Inside of the room where many believe that Lizzie Borden murdered her mother with an axe, you can lounge on the antique bed or peruse the black-and-white crime scene photos that decorate the walls. The room is named for Lizzie Borden’s uncle, who stayed in there the night before the murders, and the entire house has been refurbished in period furniture from the late 1800s.
Bonus: The nightly rate of their most popular room comes with a free, guided tour of the home and a complimentary breakfast of the same meal Lizzie was served on the morning of the murders.
Approximate Cost: $250/night


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