World's fastest finger-snapping guy plays along amazingly to song beats

Screenshot: Twitter

Japanese university student Satoyuki Fujimura entered the Guinness World Records by snapping his fingers an amazing 296 times in a minute. That is almost five snaps in a second! Just when we thought the video of him snapping his fingers on a television show was amazing enough, the record-breaker – who goes by the username @FF57681897 on Twitter – showed us he can do way more interesting things with his agile fingers.

In the post above, Fujimura snapped his fingers in a sick beat to the song “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” by Japanese band Supercell. If we had not known it was his fingers in action, we would have thought it was a percussion instrument!

The record-breaker took his game to an even higher level as he snapped his fingers not only quickly, but also to a complex rhythm. His unique and emotional performance made use of his whole body, where at one point he was so absorbed into it that he accidentally kicked the door behind him.

Based on replies to the tweet, not using too much force when snapping fingers can produce a nicer sound, and he basically only uses his middle finger. But what is more surprising is his stamina – the fact that he used only the middle finger to continuously produce the clicking sound for that one chorus.

Fujimura has also uploaded another similar video before this, with “Sugar Song and Bitter Step” by Japanese rock band Unison Square Garden.

His avant-garde performances have earned him respect from the Twitter community with some even calling his finger-snapping skills a “divine work”.