Xiao Zhen submits divorce papers

Xiao Zhen submits divorce papers

11 Jun - Taiwanese host Xiao Zhen, whose real name is Hu Ying-zhen, had officially submitted divorce papers to end her six-year-marriage with plastic surgeon Lee Jin-liang. The couple has one daughter named Emma Lee Man-wei, aged 5-years-old.

According to Taiwan-based NOWnews, Hu has intended to claim back her NT$ 120 million (SGD 5 million) mansion, two luxury cars and Emma's custody. On the other hand, Hu's father, Hu Gua, who is also a famous host in Taiwan, had demanded a 40% share from Lee's clinic.

Taiwanese media speculated that Lee has to fork out a huge sum of NT$ 850 million (SGD 36 million) as compensation to Hu to get his divorce settled.

When the estranged couple was asked to address the issue, Lee replied that he is still discussing with his lawyer regarding his plan of action while Hu refused to comment.

Lee has been photographed many times by Taiwan's paparazzi for flirting with different girls and was often spotted with a female companion at different nightclubs. In April 2012, Hu had publicly announced that she could no longer tolerate her husband after Lee was found to be involved in several extramarital affairs.