Yahoo Poll: Will new Peoples Voice political party be good for Singapore's Opposition?

Former NSP chief Lim Tean has registered a new political party, Peoples Voice. (File photo: Yahoo News Singapore / Wan Ting Koh)

Former National Solidarity Party leader Lim Tean announced the official registration of his new Peoples Voice (PV) political party on Monday (29 October).

According to a Facebook video posted by Lim, PV promises not to increase GST by 2 per cent. Lim also said PV would call for “a referendum to overturn the Elected Presidency and cast fresh votes for a new one”.

In an earlier exclusive with Yahoo News Singapore, Lim said that he formed the party with the intention of letting people who are fed up with government policies have their say.

Do you think the new Peoples Voice party will be good for Singapore’s Opposition? Have your say in our poll and leave a comment below.

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