YOUR VIEW: Driving on Singapore roads much more stressful now

Have Singaporean drivers become more rude and inconsiderate in the last five years?

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Driving on the road now is much more stressful compared to five years ago. I see many bad habits occurring on the roads every day and the resulting accidents due to these habits.

We, the locals, used to say that the foreigners were bad drivers due to the different driving culture in their home country but this statement is far from the truth now because the locals have now become worse drivers than the foreigners.

Perhaps because Singaporeans think that since this is their country, they have a right to act more badly on the roads than the foreigners.

And then there are the big bullies such as the lorries, private buses and taxis who think they pay double the road tax so they have the right to bully other road users.

The recent Tampines and KJE accidents support my belief that our road users are becoming very, very inconsiderate.

Relevant authorities can do their part to take more stern action against these bad hats. There has been a lot of action to reduce workplace accidents by the authorities and I think it's time we also reduce road accidents.

Yusuff Bin Abdul Rahman, 53
Admin manager

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