Zhang Ziyi is a thrifty producer

Zhang Ziyi is a thrifty producer

20 June – Zhang Ziyi is not only a good actress but also a thrifty producer.

As reported on HK Top Ten, the actress, who produced and starred in her film, "My Lucky Star", was recently praised for her skill in maintaining the budget.

At a press conference for the movie, producer Yu Dong complimented Zhang, saying, "She is one of the most excellent producers I have ever met. Not only was the production able to keep to its budget, she also successfully finished the movie with a surplus!"

Meanwhile, the actress also revealed that she waited for four years before making the prequel to the hit 2009 movie, "Sophie's Revenge" so that the scriptwriters could perfect the plot.

"Now I am confident that "My Lucky Star" will not disappoint viewers," said the actress.

Directed by Dennie Gordon, "My Lucky Star" is the prequel to Sophie's story as she travels Southeast Asia with her special agent lover played by Wang Leehom.

Lily and Lucy, played by Ruby Lin and Yao Chen respectively who appeared in the original, will return for "My Lucky Star", which will be released in September this year.