38 PMD errant riders caught so far in 2018, higher fines kick in

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PHOTO: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving/Facebook
PHOTO: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving/Facebook

A total of 38 Personal Mobility Device (PMD) errant riders have been caught since the start of this year, more than the 22 offenders caught in the same period last year, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Monday (15 January).

The number includes 11 riders caught in the vicinity of Loyang Drive on Monday morning, who will face higher fines in a new penalty scheme that kicked in on the same day.

First announced on 2 January, the scheme, for instance, will see first-time offenders caught on local and major roads fined $300 and $500, respectively. This is $100 more than the fines imposed under the previous scheme.

To remind PMD users about safe riding habits and deter errant use, the LTA has put up lamp post banners at 175 locations islandwide and will roll out the Safe Riding Programme (SRP) under the Active Mobility Act from 1 February this year. The Act is expected to come into effect early this year.

The 90-minute SRP, which integrates theory and practice in a training circuit, will be made mandatory for PMD users who are caught for riding recklessly.

It will be conducted at various community clubs, schools, migrant workers dormitories, and other organisations, such as SAFRA and Civil Service Club.

While the programme will be free-of-charge for the first year, those caught for riding recklessly will have to pay the full course fees.

“Over the next few months, LTA will continue to ramp up its nation-wide public education campaign to raise public awareness of the new Active Mobility rules and the penalties for flouting these rules,” added the LTA.

PMD users caught riding on expressways will also be charged in court, where they face jail terms of up to three months, fines of up to $2,000, or both, if convicted of their first offence. Repeat offenders will face jail terms of up to six months, fines of up to $5,000, or both.

In such cases, the users will have their PMDs impounded during the course of investigations.

Last year, more than 480 PMDs were impounded by the LTA over 2,400 enforcement operations.

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