A tribute to the most important woman in their lives

Mothers. So often the person we take for granted.

Yet, no one can deny how important they are to us. From taking care of our daily needs, to making sure that we make all the right choices in life, our mothers are the eternal guiding lights who shield us from the perils of the world.

Ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday, six of our newsmakers take the chance to say a big thank you to the most important woman in their lives.

Local singer Nat Ho, 28:

"My Mother gave up her teaching career to look after my brother and I when we were born. She's the "glue" in the family, always trying her best to maintain a happy and harmonious household, many times at her own expense. Even among our relatives, they will always turn to my mother when there are important issues as she is known to be very dependable and strong despite her kind and gentle heart.

The greatest act of love my Mum ever did, was simply by being my Mum. I am especially touched by all her support ever since entering the industry. When I first started, she was naturally concerned. However, once she knew I was serious about my career, her support was (and still is) unwavering. It is a tough industry, but having a supportive Mum (and family) really makes the journey much easier. Thank you for everything, Mum. I love you so much!"

Former Miss Singapore Universe and ambassador of the "No Shark Fins Singapore" campaign, Jessica Tan, 28:

"To me the greatest act of love my mum did is sacrificing rest and losing sleep bringing us up so that we can have a comfortable life growing up. My mum used to take care of us during the day, sending us to school early in the morning, preparing meals, and when we are off to bed, she will go to work as a nurse at night. We never had a helper at home till much later. I never knew this until I was much older and she told me about it. Without fail she will wake up early to do the laundry, prepare breakfast, wake us up and send us to school, and do housework everyday. I can't imagine how she survived on almost no sleep last time and yet give three of us all the love and care she did. I really appreciate all the sacrifices she made as a super mum and the efforts she put in to bring us up properly.  I want to tell my mum  "I love you"! My family is not one to express our feelings verbally, so we never say these three special words to one another. Also, I want to tell my mum that I know it has been hard to carry on with life and be strong, to still continue to take care of us after my dad passed away and I'm thankful that she still showers me and my brothers with unconditional motherly love. Even though we are all adults now, my mum never stops worrying for us and making sure we have eaten or rested enough. I will always appreciate you and love you. Thank you for caring and sacrificing so much for me."

Musician, Rai Kannu of Jack and Rai, 31:

"My mum is my heroine... Chief multi-tasker of the family, always keeping the boys in check (Dad, my bro and I), and trudging on, despite any setbacks. You're a star! Happy Mothers' Day! Love you lots, Ma!"

Coordinating director, operations, St James Power Station, Gordon Foo, 30:

"The greatest act of love my mother has shown me is by being there for me everyday and ensuring that I have adequate rest. She is also always making nourishing soups for me.

This Mother's Day, I just want to tell her that despite the constant nagging (which mother doesn't), I know that she cares for me and I will always love her."

National football team striker, Qiu Li, 30:

“Firstly I would like to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s day. But most importantly, I would like to say a very special thank you to my mum, who has supported me throughout my footballing career.

I remember the days when I was growing up in China, my mum would send me to training on a bicycle for an hour without fail, despite her weak legs. She even quit her job just so she can fetch me to training. It’s something I will never forget and always be grateful for.

Her love and care for me hasn’t stopped as she is currently taking care of my son while I am busy with my training in Singapore. Moreover, my wife is pregnant with another child. So Happy Mother’s day to my wife too!"


Festival director of Audi Fashion Festival 2012 and managing director of Mercury Marketing and Communications, Tjin Lee, 38:

"My message for my mum is: Thank you for raising us to be strong and fearless, and showing us that the path less taken can lead to new adventures. You taught us to walk tall (with a book upon our heads), gave us the gift of words and knowledge (a novel a week was the golden rule) and to love our sisters (girl power).

The greatest act of love is the support you have given me through the years, when I was just a little dreamer.    You gifted us with mettle and tenacity, and taught me that dreamers can one day become visionaries."

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