Netizens from China: Video parody disgraceful

Liyana Low

Wang's video has attracted the attention of foreign Chinese media. (Screengrab: Youtube)

The student who posted a video parody about Singaporeans has attracted the attention of foreign media.

A report in China Times, a Taiwanese newspaper, said that netizens in China have denounced Wang Peng Fei as "a disgrace."

This came after the paper ran a piece on how the 24-year-old was expelled from a private university after he posted the offensive clip online.

Newspaper reports have said that Wang is believed to have returned to China after his expulsion on the grounds of "gross misconduct."

Wang made local headlines after Alex Tan, a member of the Singapore People's Party, filed a report against him, saying that Wang had "made racist remarks" against a minority group in his video, which first appeared last Saturday.

But Wang has since taken the video down and wrote an apology to "all Singaporeans" on his blog, saying that he "meant no harm" with his video.

Despite that, the former hospitality student from East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) had his student visa revoked and is unable to get a refund on his $10,000 course fees.

A reader from online portal STOMP said: "I thought the saga was over when he flew back to his country, but even the news network there is talking about him.

"I'm glad he's gone, but I think he has no face to show back home either."