Road rage in car park on Orchard Road

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An argument broke out between two drivers over one parking lot. (YouTube video)

A heated argument between a luxury car driver and another driver at the Atrium along Orchard Road highlights growing urban stress in Singapore.

The Jaguar driver spewed vulgarities at the other driver and insisted that he was right and the other driver is wrong.

During their exchange, which happened on 30 January this year, the second driver shot a video, which was posted on YouTube on Saturday.

Watch the video:

According to AsiaOne, the video owner said that he was queuing by the road with his car's signals on and was waiting for the full car park to have a vacancy.

"This guy drove in and wanted to cut my lane. I (moved) in the lane and he just missed hitting my door by 1cm," said the video owner.

After both cars got into the car park, the Jaguar owner got out of his black Jaguar and started ranting. The video owner also argued back in a subdued manner.

The Jaguar driver also repeatedly threatened to sue the other driver and said he has "a lot of money, tons of money".

The argument ended when a woman, presumably the Jaguar owner's wife, got out of the car and pacified the man to end the argument.

"I make sure your backside is broken," said the Jagaur owner when he went into his car and drove off.

The black Jaguar sported a Housing Development Board (HDB) Season Parking Ticket.

Netizens who saw the the video commented on the incident.

"That's some insane rage for one parking lot. Wow. Is there anything to sue?" commented zuoom on hardwarezone.

User packets also agreed saying, "So angry over trivial issue for what? Harm your own health only."

Full car parks have become a common scene in Singapore where infrastructure is straining to accommodate a population that has grown from the massive influx of foreign workers over the past several years.

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