Chinese scholar Sun Xu faces NUS disciplinary board

National University of Singapore (NUS) Chinese scholar Sun Xu, who wrote a blog post insulting Singaporeans, has been brought in front of the school’s disciplinary committee on Tuesday.

A NUS spokesperson said the school initiates disciplinary proceedings against students who may have breached the University's Code of Student Conduct and is looking into Sun's derogatory comment posted on his blog on 18 February.

Sun roused the ire of Singaporeans when he wrote "there are more dogs than humans in Singapore”.

The Board of Discipline (BOD), comprising senior academics as well as representatives of the NUS Students’ Union, is reviewing the matter and will decide on the disciplinary action to be taken.

Sun will be informed of the BOD's decision about one to two weeks after the inquiry. If he decides to appeal against the BOD's decision, he has up to 14 days to do so. Student disciplinary appeals are considered by the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB), which is chaired by a senior member of the University leadership and comprises senior academics separate from the BOD. The DAB’s decision is final.

In accordance with NUS’s disciplinary processes, the disciplinary outcomes will be kept confidential until the entire due disciplinary process, including the process for appeal, is completed, said NUS.

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