Edison Chen steps back into the showbiz spotlight 16 years after his sex photo scandal

After 16 years away, the Hong Kong celebrity returns with a performance alongside music group, 3Cornerz

Edison Chen will be performing at the ComplexCon Hong Kong as part of the trio known as 3Cornerz. (PHOTO: Instagram/edisonchen)
Edison Chen will be performing at the ComplexCon Hong Kong as part of the trio known as 3Cornerz. (PHOTO: Instagram/edisonchen)

Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen seems to be entering his own "Reputation era".

Unlike Taylor Swift, who took a step back from the public eye for three years before making her comeback, Chen has been away for 16 years.

Now, the 43-year-old singer-actor is set to grace the stage with a performance at the upcoming ComplexCon Hong Kong.

He will be performing as part of the trio known as 3Cornerz on 22 March.

The announcement, made in an Instagram post on Sunday (28 Jan), teased the group's reunion, saying, “The headliner for Friday, 22 March is a group that has not appeared on the same stage for a long time, and we're ready to welcome their energy again”.

3Cornerz, composed of Chen, MC Yan and Chef, gained fame with their hip-hop albums "3 Corners" in 2012 and "3 Corners II" in 2015. The trio combines hip-hop with other genres such as jazz and funk to create a unique sound. Their 2023 songs "Godzilla" and "Long" further solidify their prowess.

Edison Chen's comeback journey from scandal to Hollywood auditions

Reflecting on his past, Chen addressed the scandal at an event for his fashion label CLOT in November last year, saying, “Perhaps everyone thought it was the end for me in 2008. But I didn't give up and didn't lose my way.”

His showbiz career was severely tarnished in 2008 when hundreds of explicit photos depicting sexual acts between Chen and Hong Kong actresses and singers leaked on the internet.

Chen made an apology to the parties involved at a press conference and announced that he would "step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry indefinitely".

He married Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei in 2017, and they have a six-year-old daughter Alaia. It was reported in 2020 that the family has settled down in California.

During the event, Chen revealed that he has gone for auditions in Hollywood but has yet to get a role.

He shared, “I don't know why I have not got a role. The Hollywood strike is over! Hopefully, there will be opportunities next year.”

The actor was also eyeing movie opportunities in Taiwan and gave a shoutout to directors over there, saying he was available.

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