E-scooter rider pleads guilty to riding into LTA officer while avoiding capture

Wan Ting Koh
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Singapore-12 OCT 2019: man running on punggol waterway park connector
Man running at Punggol waterway park connector. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — While riding towards a checkpoint, an e-scooter rider tried to avoid being apprehended by Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers, but crashed into one instead.

Soh Hann Kwang, 46, had been travelling at 40kmh along the Punggol Park Connector at Sengkang West Avenue on 25 August 2018 when he encountered the LTA officers.

He pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant in discharge of his duty. One charge of using criminal force on another public servant will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced on 19 November.

Separately, Soh’s e-scooter was found to be non-compliant as it weighed more than 20kg and had a width of more than 70cm. He was issued a notice of composition for the offence under the Active Mobility Act 2017.

Group of e-scooter riders at park connector

On 25 August 2018 at about 8pm, LTA officers Irfan Syakirin Azmi and Asrul Fahmi Rashid were deployed to perform enforcement duties along the Punggol Park Connector at Sengkang West Avenue.

Both donned bright yellow polo T-shirts, with the words “Land Transport Authority” and the LTA logo, and black pants. Each of them was also equipped with a whistle and a traffic wand.

Other LTA officers had also set up a checkpoint further up the park connector to stop riders and conduct checks on e-scooters.

At around 10pm, the LTA officers observed about 20 persons, including Soh, riding on e-scooters along the park connector. Instead of stopping at the checkpoint, the group broke up, with some e-scooter riders – Soh included – making a U-turn and riding in the direction of Sengkang West Avenue.

Irfan and Asrul were directed by their supervisor to stop the group of e-scooter riders coming their way. The duo observed around 10 riders heading their way towards Gerald Drive, with Soh riding ahead of the group without his headlights on.

Irfan then blew his whistle, while Asrul turned on the light on the traffic wand and waved it at the group of e-scooter riders, signalling them to slow down. Most of the e-scooter riders made a U-turn to avoid Irfan and Asrul.

However, Soh maintained his speed and tried to avoid the officers while riding towards the duo. Asrul, who stood slightly in front of Irfan, managed to step aside quickly to avoid a collision, but Soh collided into Irfan. Both of them fell onto the ground, and Soh was detained by the other LTA officers.

LTA officer suffered bruises and strains

Irfan was later conveyed to the hospital. He suffered bruises on his limbs, a right thumb strain and groin strain. He was given two days of medical leave.

For voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant in the discharge of his duty, Soh faces a jail term of up to seven years, or a fine, or caning, or with any combination of the punishments.

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