Ex-NTU scholar given short detention order for filming woman showering in uni hall

Wan Ting Koh
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SINGAPORE - A former Nanyang Technological University (NTU) scholar who filmed a woman in the shower at a residential hall was sentenced to a short detention order of two weeks on Monday (20 January).

Han Shiyu, then an Electrical Engineering undergraduate, had used his girlfriend’s key to unlock the female toilet.

Han was expelled by the university in October last year, according to previous media reports. A short detention order means that Han will not have a criminal record when he is released.

The 18-year-old Chinese national pleaded guilty to one count of criminal trespass and one count of insulting the modesty of his 20-year-old victim. She cannot be named to protect her identity.

Han had trespassed into a female toilet for the same purpose on an earlier occasion between 1 and 12 August. This offence was taken into consideration for his sentencing.

Han had resided at another residential hall before he committed the offences.

On 12 August last year, Han visited his girlfriend, who stayed on level 4 of her residential hall. The level only had female residents and toilets could only be accessed by keys issued to residents.

Han used his girlfriend’s key to access the female toilet on the level. He heard the woman showering in one of the cubicles and decided to film her. He went to the cubicle next to hers and placed his phone beneath the partition to do so.

The woman noticed the mobile phone, with its red recording light on. After about six seconds, Han retracted his phone and went into a toilet cubicle.

Shocked and afraid to confront Han, the woman sent a text message to a male friend, who was also an NTU student. The friend met the woman outside the female toilet.

They both decided to open the door of the female toilet, while at the same time, Han opened the door of the female toilet slightly to check if the coast was clear. When he noticed the victim and her friend, he closed the door and hid in the toilet.

The victim then went to look for security guards while her friend stood guard outside the toilet.

A security guard shortly called the police to report on a case of Peeping Tom.

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