Former Attorney-General Walter Woon to represent Lee Hsien Yang's wife against AGC

Lee Suet Fern (left) faces a disciplinary tribunal convened by the Attorney-General’s Chambers. (PHOTOS: Morgan Lewis/Facebook, Yahoo News Singapore)

Former Singapore Attorney-General Professor Walter Woon has agreed to act for Lee Hsien Yang’s wife Suet Fern as she faces a disciplinary tribunal convened by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).

In a Facebook post on Monday (8 April), Hsien Yang said he was “delighted” to have Prof Woon on board. “We look forward to his legal guidance and wise counsel. He will further strengthen the defence team of Abraham Vergis and his team at Providence Law Asia.”

In January, AGC announced that Suet Fern will face a disciplinary tribunal appointed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, in relation to her alleged role in preparing the will of the late Lee Kuan Yew. AGC said that this had placed the 60-year-old in a position of conflict and was a breach of the rules governing the conduct of lawyers because her husband was a beneficiary of the will.

But Hsien Yang insisted that Suet Fern was never his father’s lawyer and added that AGC’s assertion that his wife had refused to respond to the agency’s questions on the matters was untrue.

The youngest child of Lee Kuan Yew has maintained that his father’s final will was drafted by lawyer Kwa Kim Li – which the latter has denied – and that Stamford Law Corporation, his wife’s law firm at the time, did not draft any of his father’s wills. Instead, Suet Fern merely facilitated the witnessing and signing of the final will, according to Hsien Yang.

These are the latest developments in the long-running Lee saga, which first erupted on 14 June 2017 when Wei Ling and Hsien Yang issued a joint statement of “no confidence” against their elder brother and Singapore’s prime minister, Hsien Loong.

They claimed to have been threatened amid his pursuit of a personal agenda over their former family home at 38 Oxley Road and accused their brother of plotting to keep the house in order to build a political dynasty.

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