Former doctor who filmed men urinating in toilets given mandatory treatment order

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SINGAPORE — A former doctor from Singapore General Hospital (SGH) who filmed men while they urinated in public toilets was given a year’s mandatory treatment order on Monday (6 April).

Jerry Christian Nagaputra, 31, had filmed men urinating on at least 23 occasions, but only pleaded guilty to charges of making obscene films on three such occasions on 9 and 11 February last year. These were at male toilets in Ngee Ann City and Bugis Junction. The remaining charges, which all took place on 11 February in a male toilet in Bugis Junction, were taken into consideration for sentencing.

The Singapore permanent resident from Indonesia was a doctor under the Ministry of Health Holdings employment and was attached to SGH’s Department of Anatomical Pathology for training. He left the company in October 2019.

An Institute of Mental Health report for Nagaputra dated 31 December last year diagnosed Nagaputra with adjustment disorder, adding that this had contributed to his offences. According to WebMD, this is is a short-term condition that occurs when a person has great difficulty coping with, or adjusting to, a particular source of stress, such as a major life change, loss, or event.

The IMH report added that the former doctor’s risk of offending was low.

On 11 February last year, at about 8.31pm, one of Nagaputra’s targets, a 27-year-old man, was relieving himself at a urinal when he noticed Nagaputra rushing to the urinal on his right. The man noticed that Nagaputra was holding a mobile phone with its camera facing the man’s penis.

He thought that Nagaputra’s behaviour was strange as Nagaputra was not urinating. He waited for Nagaputra outside the toilet but the latter did not leave.

The complainant entered the same toilet again to look for Nagaputra. Nagaputra was shocked to see the victim and attempted to flee, but the victim confronted him outside at a nearby traffic light.

The victim requested to see Nagaputra’s phone but the latter claimed that he only had food photographs and showed the victim these photos. However, the man noticed an image of a urinal and requested to check the phone himself.

The victim then discovered the obscene films. Nagaputra tried to delete the films and leave but was stopped by the man and other passersby. The man then called the police.

Nagaputra confessed to filming the victim and another unknown male peeing at the same place that day.

He also admitted to filming another victim at Ngee Ann City’s male toilet at 4.40pm on 9 February.

The maximum punishment for making an obscene film is a fine of up to $40,000 along with a possible jail term of up to two years.

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