Hawaii Is Ranked the Healthiest State, According to New 2023 Health Index

Low disease rates, citizen well-being, and solid healthcare all contribute.

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Where, oh where, in the U.S. are people the healthiest? Living the longest? Given access to the best healthcare (relative, of course)? According to Hub Score’s 2023 health analysis of the 50 states, a few top states are soaring above the rest when it comes to crucial wellness-related variables, including the life expectancy and disease prevalence among residents, environmental favorability, healthcare infrastructure, education and prevention, and more.

Per the Hub Score research and rankings, Hawaii is the healthiest state in the country. Even despite the recent devastating wildfires that significantly affected Maui and other islands this year, Hawaii holds the highest Health Index Score of 82.2, owing to its overall low mortality rates and disease prevalence, and top quality healthcare, and conducive physical environment. Hawaii also earned high scores for citizen health, calculated based on factors such as lack of sleep rate, social isolation rate, life expectancy, fruit and veggie consumption, physical activity levels, and more.

All the way across America, Massachusetts ranks number two on the list. Although this East Coast state scores far lower than Hawaii in terms of its physical environment (the climate alone runs the gamut from harsh, icy blizzards to stifling, humid summers—with erratic seasons in between), Massachusetts boasts the lowest mortality rates, plus decent healthcare infrastructure, preventive health care, and good citizen health—earning it a silver-medal Health Index Score of 78.0.

The 25 Healthiest States, Ranked

  1. Hawaii — 82.2

  2. Massachusetts — 78.0

  3. Utah — 77.9

  4. Colorado — 77.7

  5. Connecticut — 76.9

  6. Minnesota — 76.7

  7. New Hampshire — 75.5

  8. Vermont — 74.9

  9. Washington — 74.1

  10. Rhode Island — 74.0

  11. New Jersey — 73.3

  12. Idaho — 73.1

  13. Montana — 72.6

  14. North Dakota — 72.5

  15. Nebraska — 72.4

  16. Wyoming — 72.2

  17. California — 72.1

  18. Oregon — 71.8

  19. New York — 71.8

  20. Iowa — 71.1

  21. Wisconsin — 70.2

  22. South Dakota — 69.0

  23. Maryland — 68.9

  24. Arizona — 68.6

  25. Maine — 68.3

On the flip side, the lowest-scoring states, according to Hubs Sore’s methodology, include Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, and Mississippi. These were those with the highest death rates and disease instances, and the poorest quality healthcare, physical environment, and overall citizen health.

Stacked against 49 other states, Mississippi ranked 50 in the lineup overall, with the most deaths from varying causes, from cancer to cardiovascular-related deaths. West Virginia appeared to have the second highest mortality rate and prevalence of disease, as well as the lowest citizen health score.

For a full ranking of the 50 states from most to least healthy, read the Hub Score Healthiest States Index 2023 report.

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