Maid suspected in Bedok double murder arrested in Indonesia: report

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

The maid suspected of being involved in the murder of an elderly couple in Bedok has been arrested in Indonesia.

Indonesian domestic worker Khasanah, 41, was caught at a hotel in the Jambi province on Tuesday (27 June) night, according to report on Indonesian police news site Tribata News.

Following her arrest, Khasanah confessed to killing Chia Ngim Fong, 79, and his wife Chin Sek Fah, 78, at their Bedok Reservoir Road flat last Wednesday, the report said.

The police had acted on a tip-off after a member of the public allegedly overheard Khasanah’s phone conversation, in which the suspect said, “What’s their condition? I don’t know. If they died, I just want to go to a pesanteran (Islamic boarding school) and repent.”

Police then tracked Khasanah to an Internet cafe, where she was seen reading online news reports about the murders. Officers later followed her to the hotel where she was staying and arrested her there.

Various valuables were found Khasanah’s possession, including three mobile phones, gold and jade jewellery, five watches, a laptop, a computer keyboard and banknotes in various currencies. The money amounted to $256.

The elderly couple were found motionless in their Bedok Reservoir Road flat last Wednesday, and were pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

According to media reports, Khasanah had been working for the couple for a month. Three knives were found by the police in the rubbish chute at the foot of the block. Khasanah is said to have fled to Indonesia by ferry following the incident.

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