Man admits to abusing toddler while under the influence of drugs

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
(PHOTO: Getty Images)

A man who abused a toddler while giving her a bath injured the child’s genitals so badly that her entire diaper was soaked in blood.

Suhaimi Juma’at, 46, pleaded guilty in the State Courts on Tuesday (24 April) to one count of ill-treating a child in a case described by the prosecution as “shocking”. He also pleaded guilty to four drug-related charges.

The court heard that Suhaimi was released from prison in 2014 and was looking for accommodations. In November 2016, a cousin introduced him to J, a babysitter, who allowed him to stay at her home.

As a form of repayment, Suhaimi offered to assist her in her babysitting duties. At the time, J took care of two girls, including a two-year-old toddler.

On 24 February 2017, Suhaimi left J’s home to buy cigarettes. He ran into an acquaintance who was a drug peddler. Suhaimi purchased a pack of contraband cigarettes and a straw of methamphetamine, or “ice” from him. He then went to J’s home and consumed some of the “ice”.

The following day, Suhaimi discovered that the toddler had soiled herself and had defecated on the kitchen floor outside the toilet. Still recovering from the effects of having consumed drugs the day before, Suhaimi became agitated.

While washing up the child, the girl began playing with the water in the toilet, further annoying Suhaimi. He began using violent force to clean her private parts, causing severe injury to her private parts in the process.

The child defecated again after he finished washing her and Suhaimi noticed blood in her stool. He then washed and showered her again.

A friend of the toddler’s family picked her up that evening and noticed blood in the child’s diaper. When she tried to wash the child’s private parts, the girl began to scream and cry in pain.

The child was brought to a clinic and was then referred to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The child was still bleeding when she arrived at the hospital and a surgery was performed to repair her wounds.

A medical report indicated that the child suffered tears in her genital area.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Marshall Lim said the child’s injuries were “very serious”, adding that it was “shocking that the entire diaper was soaked in blood” when the girl was brought to the hospital.

Urging the court to jail Suhaimi a total of 10 years and 9 months as well as have him caned for the ill-treatment and drug charges, DPP Lim said Suhaimi was under the influence of drugs when he committed the offence, and the child was defenceless and too young to articulate words of distress.

DPP Lim added that Suhaimi was entrusted with the care of a vulnerable and innocent child and he had reacted extremely harshly and violently to an everyday childcare routine.

“Words can no longer adequately express the nature of the injury actually suffered and the type of hurt caused to the victim,” said DPP Lim.

Suhaimi, who has previous convictions for drug offences and assault, said through his lawyer that he was terribly remorseful and repentant.

District Judge Kessler Soh will sentence Suhaimi on 8 May.