Man who allegedly bribed guard to enter F1 track retracts claims

Screen grab of the post in which the man retracted his claims.

The man who had posted on Facebook that he “bribed a security guard” to let him enter the Singapore Grand Prix race track retracted his claims on Wednesday (20 September).

According to media reports, a user who goes by the Facebook username Viv Smith said in a closed Formula 1 Facebook interest group that it was time to “come clean” about his previous post.

“There was no bribery, no corruption, no nothing. The barriers were down, the gates were open,” the user said in the post. “I asked the guard if he could take a photo of us and he kindly agreed.”

He added that there were other people jogging and skateboarding on the track. Media reports stated that he is currently in Malaysia “lying low and in disguise”.

On Sunday (17 September), the man posted a photo on Facebook of a man and woman posing inside the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

The post later circulated on the Internet and was picked up by website All Singapore Stuff. This caused Singapore Grand Prix race organisers to investigate the alleged breach in track security.

The post caption said, “3am in the morning. Bribed the security guard to let us onto the track. He not only agreed, he took the photo. Non F1 fans won’t understand this, but most of us will.”

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