Man who threatened 'love rival' with air pistol jailed 9 weeks

Nigel Chin
PHOTO: Getty Images

His girlfriend had accidentally called him in the wee hours of the morning while she was with another man. Furious, he brought along a Glock 18C air pistol and threatened the other man with it.

For his actions, 25-year-old Danial Mahmod was jailed nine weeks and fined $4,000 on Tuesday (19 September) after being found guilty of criminal intimidation as well as possessing and importing an unlicensed air pistol.

The court heard that on 18 November last year, Danial’s girlfriend, Rashidah, had gone out with Khairulanwar Salih. Khairulanwar sent Rashidah home at about 5am the next morning.

The pair were smoking at an open air carpark in Hougang Avenue 3 when Rashidah accidentally dialled Danial’s phone. Danial overheard her conversation with Khairulanwar and was upset over his girlfriend speaking to another man at that time of the morning.

Danial then took his air pistol and drove his mother’s car to Rashidah’s home with the intention of confronting her. At the same time, Rashidah told Khairulanwar about the accidental call to Danial, whom she described as her ex-boyfriend. Khairulanwar then sent her back to her flat.

When Danial arrived, he had an exchange of words with Khairulanwar along the corridor of Rashidah’s unit, claiming that he was still her boyfriend. Eventually, Danial and Rashidah agreed to discuss the matter near Danial’s car, which was parked below the block, while Khairulanwar followed the pair.

At about 6.50am, an argument broke out as Danial questioned Rashidah on what she did with Khairulanwar throughout the night. When Khairulanwar intervened, Danial withdrew his air pistol and racked its slide to scare the former. Fearing for his safety, Khairulanwar left the scene.

Danial and Rashidah then entered the car, where Danial emptied the air pistol’s magazine before firing it. This resulted in a loud bang which Khairulanwar heard and he then called the police.

Officers who arrived at the scene searched Danial’s vehicle and found a knife, along with the air pistol. Danial was arrested and brought to his home, where police seized several more items, including a gas canister.

Further investigations also revealed that between 2014 and 2015, Danial had purchased the gun online and collected it in Kuala Lumpur. He had dismantled the gun into three different parts and hid them in different areas of his car to avoid detection at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

District Judge Lorraine Ho said that a “deterrence sentence” was needed out of concern for the “safety of the public” when meting out her sentence. “The accused should not be allowed to take the law into his own hands,” she added.

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