People are falling victim to scams involving fake Apple websites: Police

Victims in Singapore are falling for fake Apple website phishing scams. (Photo: Mashable)

Over the span of just a couple of months, the Singapore Police Force received more than 20 reports of people being cheated by phishing websites disguised as the Apple or iTunes websites, leading to monetary losses.

Between October and November 2017, victims of this phishing scam were conned into providing their personal information and credit card details to these misleading sites after receiving emails that looked like they had been sent by Apple. Such emails would tell recipients that their Apple or iTunes accounts were suspended, and to click on a link in order to verify their accounts.

Clicking the link would bring victims to a website resembling an Apple site, where they would then be asked to enter personal information and bank account details, such as credit card and CVV numbers. The victims would receive a one-time-password on their phones, and input that into the site.

The victims were later notified that unauthorised foreign transactions had taken place on their credit cards. The police did not say how much victims had lost to these latest phishing scams.

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