PMD retailers to stop selling to people under 16, refuse servicing unregistered devices

Teen e-scooter rider who injured 56-year-old woman fined $2,200
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SINGAPORE — A group of 27 personal mobility device (PMD) retailers has pledged to stop selling e-scooters and other PMDs to people under 16 years of age, with immediate effect.

In addition, owners of unregistered PMDs will not be able to get them serviced or repaired at these shops.

‘Extremely saddened’ by spate of PMD accidents

A joint media statement on Wednesday (9 October) by the retailers – which include Mobot, Falcon PEV and Scooter Hub – said: “We are extremely saddened by the recent spate of unfortunate PMD accidents and incidents, and we offer our sincere apologies to all affected stakeholders of the community.

"Although errant usage is beyond our control, some businesses – registered or private – are also equally responsible for facilitating non-compliant devices and/or allowing (them) to be made easily available to irresponsible perpetrators.”

The group is also committed to only selling PMDs certified under the UL2272 safety requirements, as well as to promoting safety awareness.

Public concern grows after death

A recent string of PMD-related accidents and fires have triggered public concern over the safety of the devices. Calls to ban PMDs have grown after a 65-year-old cyclist, Ong Bee Eng, died after suffering injuries in a collision with an e-scooter.

A recent survey by UK-based research firm YouGov found that two in five Singaporeans are calling for a complete ban on PMDs.

During the parliament session on Monday, Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr Janil Puthucheary also said that if the PMD users do not improve their behaviour, the government may have “no choice but to ban their usage completely in Singapore”.

228 PMD-related accidents in 2017 and 2018

A total of 228 accidents involving PMDs on public paths were reported in 2017 and 2018. Of these accidents, 196 cases involved injuries.

"We would like to reiterate that the majority of PMD riders are indeed responsible. We continue to stand with the community against errant use of any devices be it PMDs, bicycles or whatsoever,” the group of PMD retailers said in the statement.

"We continue to urge all riders to ride responsibly and be considerate of others presence when sharing the space."

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