UK orders extradition of StanChart bank robbery suspect to Singapore

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The 28-year-old Canadian was detained by the UK authorities at Singapore's request in January this year.
David James Roach allegedly stole $30,000 from an SCB branch on 7 July 2016. PHOTO: Nation TV

The United Kingdom’s Secretary of State has ordered that David James Roach, the suspect in the 2016 Standard Chartered Bank (StanChart) branch robbery, be extradited to Singapore.

“Roach has until 8 November 2018 to apply to the UK High Court for permission to appeal against this decision,” said a joint press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) on Tuesday (30 October).

The Singapore authorities are working closely with the UK authorities on the next steps in this matter, the release said.

Detained since January

The 28-year-old Canadian was detained by the UK authorities at Singapore’s request in January this year.

Within a month, the MHA announced that the Singapore government had acceded to the UK’s request that Roach not be caned should he be convicted of robbery here.

“As part of the extradition proceedings, the UK Government has requested an assurance that if Roach were to be found guilty by a Singapore Court of robbery, the sentence of corporal punishment will not be carried out,” said the MHA in a press release on 20 February.

Robbery recap

On 7 July 2016, Roach made off with $30,000 from the StanChart bank branch at Holland Village. No weapon was used in the robbery, only a note that Roach handed over to a bank teller.

He subsequently fled to Bangkok, where he was detained three days later. With no extradition treaty between Singapore and Thailand, the authorities there rejected requests for Roach to be sent back here.

Roach was deported from Thailand on 11 January this year after serving a 14-month jail term for failing to declare having a large amount of money when entering the country. He was detained by local authorities upon arriving in the UK.

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