Video: Is this the dumbest jailbreak ever?

10 December 2012

Maybe these guys could do with watching re-runs of hit TV series "Prison Break".

Four inmates were caught trying to escape a Brazilian prison after the hole they made in their prison cell wall was too small for them to pass through.

It was so small that the second prisoner got stuck midway through the escape, keeping the others inside. To add insult to injury, the prisoner injured himself so badly in the process that he started crying out for help.

That's when prison guards stumbled on the escape with a man stuck in the wall.

According to  Brazilian newspaper Jornal Populacional (in Portuguese), the guards even too photos of him -- which are going viral now -- as they waited for the fire department to free the prisoner.

Of the four, only the first one managed to escape the Ceres prison located near Brazili's capital of Brasilia.

Brazilian media say the hole in the wall was made using a metal pipe from the prison's shower. It has since been fixed.

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