What Single's Inferno reveals about modern love in Singapore

Explore the shift toward meaningful connections, as age becomes irrelevant and emotional intimacy reigns supreme.

Single's Inferno. (Screenshot from Netflix Singapore website)
Single's Inferno. (Screenshot from Netflix Singapore website)

In the evolving landscape of modern relationships, the hit reality show Single’s Inferno has become more than just entertainment.

It wasn't just about hot bods on a beach. It's a mirror reflecting how we date in Singapore. It's offering a glimpse into the evolving world of modern love, and daters in our island nation are taking notes!

From paradise island to Singapore itself, we're diving into the parallels between the show's relationship dynamics and our city-state's dating scene.

Swipe smarter, find deeper

Looks used to be everything, but the spirited Single's Inferno Season 3 cast as well as daters in Singapore are saying, "Not so fast"!

Recall Min-ji initially choosing Min-woo for his looks, but ultimately connecting better with Jin-seok's playful personality.

Singaporeans, like the individuals at Single's Inferno, are craving meaningful, deeper connections over superficial judgments. In fact, 35 per cent of Singapore Bumble users consider a shared love of sports crucial, while "gym", "cafe-hopping" and "cooking" badges are all the rage.

Aligning hobbies and interests fosters compatibility, leading to more successful relationships and deeper connection. It's not just about looks anymore; it's about finding someone you can click with!

Age is just a number

Single's Inferno also throws age stereotypes out the window, by showcasing diverse individuals navigating relationships regardless of age. Gwan-hee and Hye-seon's 10-year age gap or Min-woo and Si-eun's unconventional pairing proves age doesn't define love.

A Bumble's Dating Trends report has revealed a global shift, with 56 per cent of women open to dating someone younger, and 50 per cent of Singaporean women catching on, saying they are less judgmental toward age-gap relationships.

Ditch the age filters and embrace connections that spark joy, regardless of the year on their birth certificate.

Beyond the 'type' hype

Who says you have to stick to a rigid "type" checklist? Single's Inferno challenges that notion with Gwan-hee choosing Hye-seon for their emotional connection over Min-ji, his "ideal type" in looks.

Singaporeans are following suit, with 38 per cent prioritising emotional intimacy over physical traits.

Remember, love can surprise you in unexpected places, so keep an open mind!

Honesty is the best policy

Ditch ghosting and mind games! Be bold! The age-old tactic of playing hard-to-get is fading.

Single's Inferno showcases genuine conversations and direct approaches, and Singaporeans are applauding it. Bumble daters in Singapore are making the first move, with 28 per cent done making their interest clear after a date.

Be upfront, be yourself, and who knows, you might just find your paradise match!

Lucille McCart, Bumble's APAC communications director, emphasises the show's role in highlighting diverse dating cultures while suggesting people around the world connect in similar ways.

“As we navigate the era of modern love, it's interesting to witness the diversity in dating cultures – the wonderful thing about the show is that we are able to observe the ways in which people connect with each other in different parts of the world, and in general we are more similar than we are different,” she said.

McCart also highlights the importance of deeper connections in relationships, noting how the show also exposes warning signs in relationships that resonate universally.

“There is not only a growing recognition of the importance of meaningful connections in the pursuit of love, the show has also spotlighted glaring green, beige, and red flags that resonated with all of us,” she added.

“Ultimately, we’re excited to see women in the show make the first move, exercise their agency, take control of their dating lives, and in turn, push the boundaries of traditional gender roles.”

Through these insights, Single’s Inferno not only entertains but also sparks meaningful conversations on modern love, reflecting the evolving dating landscape in Singapore.

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