YOUR VIEW: 'Gov't needs to tackle crux of the issues'

Yahoo! reader Kareen Lee says that getting everyone to learn to be gracious has to come in accordance to the resources available. (Yahoo! file photo)

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I sincerely urge the government to look at the crux of the issues below and not just address them on the surface.

PM Lee wants Singaporeans to be gracious

Graciousness will come when resources are not scarce. That would simply mean: grow our resources in tandem to growing population. When we had enough resources before the population boom, graciousness is everywhere. Everyone took their time to board the train, everyone drove politely and everyone did not have the fear of losing. So getting everyone to learn to be gracious has to come in accordance to the resources.

PM Lee wants relook at pre-school education

Teachers are measured by a set of metrics that determine their performance. Not only are kids not happy, teachers are not happy. The problem does not start from preschool education, the problem starts from normal school education. Every parent wants to ensure their kids are adequately prepared to strive in top primary school. Thus, they fill the kids with all activities way before the kid learns how to walk. Standardizing preschool education is merely the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg is the mounting pressure in primary school education.

PM Lee wants Singaporeans to have kids

I come from a family of four siblings. My dad was the sole breadwinner and my mum was a full-time housewife. My mum focussed on teaching us the right values in life. Studying well was not a key focus. My siblings and I took it upon ourselves to study on our own. Money might have been an issue sometimes, especially during Chinese New Year but life was simple and comfortable.

But Singapore has now become too expensive for mums to stay at home. The opportunity cost is too high for either party not to work. Not being able to cope with work and kids, having kids takes a back seat . For some, cost has become a deterrent to have kids. Some feel it is irresponsible to have kids if they cannot provide the best for the kids.

Kareen Lee, 34
Business Development Manager