How to identify dating's red, green and beige flags, according to Single's Inferno

By understanding these flags, you can navigate dating with more awareness and choose partners who build healthy, fulfilling relationships

A composite photo of two women with one covering her eyes with red paper hearts (left) and the other covering her eyes with a green and orange paper hearts, to illustrate the red, green and beige flags in dating and relationships.
Dating and relationship flags are used to signify certain behaviours, traits, or circumstances that may indicate either warning signs (red flags), positive attributes (green flags), or neutral aspects (beige flags) in a potential partner or relationship. (Photos: Getty Images)

In the dynamic world of modern dating and relationships, terms like red, green, and beige flags have taken centre stage, reshaping how we navigate relationships. These flags are used to signify certain behaviours, traits, or circumstances that may indicate either warning signs (red flags), positive attributes (green flags), or neutral aspects (beige flags) in a potential partner or relationship.

As seen on the popular reality show Single’s Inferno, they have sparked intense discussions online, reflecting their significance in today’s dating scene.

Single's Inferno. (Screenshot from Netflix Singapore website)
Single's Inferno. (Screenshot from Netflix Singapore website)

Let's ditch the cryptic messages and decode the real signals, from attention-grabbing green lights to the subtle (but crucial) beige flags, and how they play out in the context of Singapore.

Red alert: No to mind games

Red flags are warning signs or behaviours that suggest potential problems or issues in a relationship. They indicate situations or traits that might create a toxic dynamic in a relationship, leading to conflict, harm or dissatisfaction if not addressed. It's essential to pay attention to red flags as they can indicate deeper underlying issues.

Bumble’s research finds 48 per cent of women refusing to tolerate toxic behaviours, with 28 per cent in Singapore echoing the sentiments and 34 per cent vowing to avoid toxicity in partners.

Gwan-hee, the undisputed villain of Single's Inferno, was a walking red flag factory. His mind games, from toying with emotions to public displays of discomfort, clearly set off alarms for the participants. His inability to communicate openly and respectfully leaves a lasting negative impression, highlighting the importance of genuine connections over manipulative tactics.

Remember, healthy relationships are built on honesty and respect, not manipulation.

So, if your date plays hot and cold, gaslights you, or makes you feel uncomfortable, it's time to hit the escape button, fast!

Green light: Kindness rules

On the flip side, green flags are positive indicators in a relationship that suggest compatibility, mutual respect, and emotional health. They signify behaviours or traits that contribute to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

According to Bumble, kindness tops the list of desirable qualities in a partner, with a whopping 85 per cent of Singaporean respondents emphasising its importance.

Acts of kindness, from good communication skills to genuine care for everyone, create an undeniable charm. So, when it comes to winning hearts, participants like Min-kyu and Jin-seok shine as beacons of kindness.

Gestures like Min-kyu comforting a heartbroken Min-ji or Jin-seok encouraging Si-eun to be true to herself not only display their kindness but also their ability to communicate openly and sincerely.

Kindness isn't just reserved for your crush – it's about treating everyone with respect.

Turn beige into bold: Underwhelming could be a dealbreaker

Beige flags are neutral aspects of a person or relationship that may not necessarily indicate either positive or negative qualities. These are quirks or habits that might not be inherently harmful, but could raise eyebrows or be slightly off-putting.

The term "beige flags" was coined to give a name to the feeling you get when you arrive on somebody’s online dating profile that they might be vanilla, or boring.

While emotional intimacy takes precedence over physical attraction for 38 per cent of Singaporeans, beige flags may struggle to ignite meaningful connections.

The enigma of the beige flag was embodied by characters like Ha-bin, whose awkward silence in Paradise left viewers puzzled. These individuals, though not necessarily toxic, might come off as underwhelming or unremarkable. Ha-bin's lacklustre conversation during his date with Ha-jeong exemplifies this phenomenon.

Lucille McCart, APAC communications director for Bumble, says strategies such as sparking connections, showing your personality and becoming a conversation starter will help you become a dating dynamo.

By adding depth and vibrancy to your interactions, you can transform beige flags into beacons of genuine connection.

Whether it's basking in the warmth of kindness, steering clear of manipulative mind games, or infusing life into seemingly dull encounters, understanding these flags can make all the difference in finding deeper connections.

As you navigate the dating landscape in Singapore, keep your eyes peeled for those colourful flags that guide you towards authentic love and meaningful relationship.

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